Certificate of good conduct; Issuance

Certificates of good conduct which you may require for official or private purposes will be issued upon request by your locally competent municipal administration office.


The certificate of good conduct is an extract from the police register listing notably criminal convictions; you are entitled to request a certificate of good conduct from the age of 14 from your competent municipal administration office / registry office (citizen's office).

If you require the certificate of good conduct for presentation to a public authority, the certificate will be sent directly to that public authority. However, you as the requester will be permitted to view the certificate of good conduct upon request.

As a general rule, requests for certificates of good conduct must be made in person. You will be required to bring your passport or identity card for that purpose.

Written requests for certificates of good conduct require the authentication of your signature by an authority entitled to seal. Furthermore, you will be required to specify the intended purpose of use for the certificate of good conduct.

Requests for certificates of good conduct by an authorized representative are not possible.

The certificate of good conduct may generally contain the following explanations:

  • Convictions of criminal offenders are published both in the Federal Central Register and in the certificate of good conduct which every person over the age of 14 is entitled to request from his or her registry office.
  • However, entries in the certificate of good conduct are subject to a number of exemptions.
    • Provided the register shows no other sentences, every sentence up to a fine of 90 daily rates or every prison sentence of up to three (3) months will not be entered into the certificate of good conduct (whereas they will be entered into the central register, although the disclosure of these entries is limited strictly to specific public authorities).
    • Also exempt from entry are youth offender sentences of up to two (2) years provided the sentences have been suspended on condition of probation.
  • Certificates of good conduct are also subject to periods of redemption; these periods are generally shorter than for the Federal Central Register (anywhere between 3 and 10 years, depending on the nature of the sentence).


  • 14 years of age
  • In case of legal incompetence it may be necessary to have the request filed by the person's legal representative
  • For requests in person: Presentation of the person's passport or identity card
  • For written requests: Authentication of the person's signature by an authority entitled to seal


Bearbeitungsdauer ca. 2 bis 3 Wochen

Processing time

approx. 2 to 3 weeks

Required documents

  • Proof of identity (passport / identity card)


  • Fees, Bavaria-wide:

    13 Euros

    Exemption from costs or fees: In case of indigence (e.g. recipients of long-term unemployment benefits (aka. Arbeitslosengeld II) , recipients of welfare benefits, recipients of children's allowance pursuant to Article 6a of the Federal Law on Child Allowances), or in cases where the certificate of good conduct is required for a special purpose of use. A special purpose of use will be presumed if the certificate of good conduct is required for voluntary community service for a non-profit institution or equal (for more details on the exemption from costs or fees please go to "Related Links").

Status: 05.12.2013

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern, für Bau und Verkehr

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